Don’t Cry S.O.S.

Have you ever wanted to cry SOS on a short-term mission trip?  The plans changed. People got sick. Someone backed out of the trip and left you holding a non-refundable ticket.  One of your team members offended your host by the way he or she dressed.  You wondered if the office you painted had just been remodeled last month.  HELP?

Rather than crying SOS, maybe it is time to invest in some SOE.  SOE is an organization dedicated to promoting and equipping organizations to to strengthen our collective effectiveness globally through the application of The Seven Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.  Through years and a wide range of experience, they have developed teaching tools and Key Quality Indicators that you can use to help better your short-term teams and reduce the plea for SOS.  Their seven standards can be thoughtfully applied to the MISTM grid (Maximum Impact for Short-Term Mission) which looks at the different people involved through the three phases of a trip; pre-field, on-field, and post-field.

As one of SOE’s trusted resource providers, we believe in the ongoing application of the SOE in short-term mission trips. MissionMakr is the only tool that we know of that provides a platform to apply these standards across the entire MISTM grid throughout each phase of a short-term trip.  Consider this:

  1. The Launch and GearUp phases are tools for the pre-field preparation of supporters, Trip Members and host receivers.
  2. The GO phase provides a powerful way to engage your supporters and interested Trip Followers in seeing and hearing how God is at work in the lives of both the Trip Members and host receivers.
  3. The Tell phase provides a mechanism to encourage next steps, personal and team integration and to share the stories with others who were not able to follow the trip.

Call us at 1-855-227-8747 or email us at today to set up an online demo and see how you can avoid the SOS and apply the SOE using MissionMakr for your next short-term mission trip.