Don’t Forget To Write…

Letter homeI can still remember leaving for camp as a young boy.  Mom made sure that I had all she thought I would need. I snuck some additional red licorice, just in case.  As we pulled away from home her last words were “don’t forget to write!”   Write what?

Now as a dad I get it.  Parents, friends and supporters want to hear how God is at work in your life and how you see Him at work in the ministries that you are serving.  Hearing from you while you are away on a missions trip allows your support team to not only share some of your experience, but also to pray more wisely, intently and specifically for you.

I remember one year, our daughter was a counselor for a couple of youth in the #CzechRepublic with #josiahventure.  The two girls she was with had never opened up about their beliefs in God before with anyone and they were not real interested in starting with our daughter.  She decided to post a report on MissionMakr asking people to pray specifically for these two girls and for an opportunity to talk with them about faith.  Our support team responded and God heard and answered their prayers, because the every next evening the girls started to open up their hearts and share their questions and concerns.

Blog post example

Staying in reasonable touch with your support team is important when you are serving on a short-term mission team.  So how do you do this?  Maybe it is time to discover the many different ways that MissionMakr can help you tell the story and not forget to write home.