Have it your way!

We’ve been listening to you and you’ve got some great ideas!  One feature that we’ve added is ability to create a CSS, or custom style sheet.  This let’s us adjust the look and feel of each of your trip pages so that they reflect your organization’s main website.  If you’d like us to custom design your MissionMakr.com site, just contact us and we’d be happy to gets yours started today.

Another feature that you’ve asked for is the ability to synchronize online giving between MissionMakr and your organization’s online giving portal.  Now you can with our newly designed Donation Widget and API Key.  Together, we can set up MissionMakr to record a donation made for a Trip Member.  Once a person selects the recipient and completes the donation on your organization’s online giving site, MissionMakr will update the Trip Member’s account to update the amount they have received.  It will even record who gave it and when so that your Trip Members can start writing their thank you notes.

Next time you get a great idea we’d love to hear about it.  Write to us at ideas@missionmakr.com.  Maybe it will be one of our next helpful improvements making MissionMakr an even better One Integrated Place for all of your short-term mission trips.