It’s About Time

Recently, five short-term team leaders met to review their trips.  One was a dentist, one was a professor, another was a family counselor and the other two were lawyers.  No, this is not a set up for a joke.  It struck me that if we were getting billed for their time, this would be an expensive meeting.

Thankfully, these men and women joyfully serve as volunteers to lead each of our short-term teams.  They do a great job of it too!  I am sensitive to their sacrifice of time however and that is one reason we started to use MissionMakr four years ago.

How about you?  What tools are you using to organize and facilitate your team training?  How do you serve your team leaders so they can spend their time wisely?

Teams that use MissionMakr are finding new ways to save time while improving their training and communication standards.  The trip cloning tool is a huge time saver.  You can reproduce all of your training materials from one trip to another and just make the necessary ministry and cultural adjustments.  Because MissionMakr gives team members online access to prepare for team meetings, it allows you to make better use of your group time.  Several of our team leaders are even using MissioMakr live on a large screen to guide their team training sessions.

Using our time well in equipping our teams, honors both our team members and leaders.  It allows you to spend more time focused on what really counts; the people God has called to be part of your team and those you are going to serve.

We’d love to show you how you can save time and work more efficiently using MissionMakr.  Call us at 210-387-9806 or email us at today and let’s schedule an online demo for you and your team.

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