Lesson #4 – Wait

TopTen Cross Cultural Lessons Worth Applying

Lesson #4 – Wait upon the Lord and Obey His promptings.

Maybe you have heard the phrase, “I need to get out of the way so that God can accomplish what He wants to do,” or something similar to this. The point is not that we disengage from circumstances, but that if we are going to be obedient to what God is doing in and through us, then we need to walk beside Him and not out in front of Him.

It is easy for us to either give orders or just follow them. Once the task is identified (build that home, knock on those doors, lead that song, prepare that meal), chop, chop, we are off to accomplish it and that begins to drive us. Even ‘people oriented’ people can get so absorbed in the cares and burdens of others that they begin to loose site of who we are supposed to be following.

Lesson #4 helps reminds us to Wait upon the Lord and Obey His promptings because sadly, the enemy knows that when he can distract us with good things, we will fail to enjoy the very best thing, an intimate walk with Jesus that directs our lives and keeps us in step with His will. This is especially true on mission trips where the stakes are high for life change and transformation.

So, how do you wait upon God, not just in your morning devotional, but throughout the day? Like Phillip in Acts 8:26-39, there is wonderful fruitfulness when we remain attentive to God’s spirit promptings. Expect God to show up and surprise you and then be ready to follow His leadings to be still or speak up. Look for the divine appoints that He has waiting for you.

Yes, we really do need to get our own will out of the way so that God can accomplish His. Completing a task feels good for a moment, but the very best joy comes at the end of the day when we have walked faithfully beside Jesus and obeyed His promptings.