Lesson #5 – Pray

TopTen Cross Cultural Lessons Worth Applying

Lesson #5 – Offer to pray with people.

I normally describe prayer as a purposeful dependency upon God, but it is much more than that. In prayer, we share our heart and thoughts with God. We plead with Him to fulfill His promises and to accomplish His will here on earth. In prayer, we sit quietly, reflecting upon Scripture and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In prayer, we longingly lift the needs of others before the throne of God. In prayer, we direct the attention of God to the spiritual battles we are facing.

Prayer is an amazing gift that God gives to His children. Unfortunately, while we may know this about prayer, our practice relegates it to a few special times at day. This is true on mission trips as well and when we do this, we miss a tremendous opportunity to fellowship with others in the presence of God.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the most meaningful times of ministry and fellowship for me on mission trips have been in prayer. Being sensitive to God’s promptings to pray with people can have a tremendous effect on them. It communicates that you care about the story they just shared with you. It says that you believe God is glorified when we take all of our joys and needs to Him through the communion of prayer. It affirms our purposeful dependency on our God who is able to perform all that He has promised.

That is why Lesson #5 is Offer to pray with people. You will be amazed at the ways in which God will meet with you together. As you pray, here are a few suggestions;

  • Keep it short. You don’t have to limit your words with God to just a few sentences, but don’t dominate the conversation either. Not everyone feels comfortable praying out loud, but being succinct will allow others to pray as they are led.
  • Affirm God and His eternal attributes. Keeping the focus on God rather than yourself gives your conversation perspective. You may consider using a short portion of Scripture that is pertinent to the situation as a basis for your prayer.
  • Ask for God’s blessing upon the person or family that you are praying with. When we do this, we are expressing our longing to see God more fully lifted up and glorified in the other person’s life. We are joining with them in praying for their wellbeing, health, work, family and ministry.
  • Pray in Jesus’ name. There are no magical formulas in prayer, but when we pray in Jesus’ name we are affirming exactly who we are talking with. We are stating our trust that it is the Messiah who has the power and authority to bring about change and make a difference.

Helpful Hint: I use the Day Tracker Widget in the GO! Phase to share prayer requests with our congregation and Trip Followers after I describe the events of the day. We also usually end our Daily Update with more specific prayer requests. On any mission trip, we need the support of many in prayer.