The Power of a Checklist

My mother was infamous for making lists. We had pads of paper everywhere with all kinds of lists on them. It got comical, but she was very organized and knew how to take a complex project and break it down into bite sized tasks to get things done. Mission Trips are a lot like that.[…]

Team Talk

Everybody knows the importance of good communication, healthy personal relationships and respect for one another when it comes to excelling in team sports.  Knowing your teammates well is a key component of being able to trust them and work efficiently together as a team. The same is true on a short-term mission team.  That’s why[…]

Have it your way!

We’ve been listening to you and you’ve got some great ideas!  One feature that we’ve added is ability to create a CSS, or custom style sheet.  This let’s us adjust the look and feel of each of your trip pages so that they reflect your organization’s main website.  If you’d like us to custom design[…]

The Real Deal

I’ve attended many conferences over the years, but none quite like the National African American Missions Conference.  The NAAMC emerged from the partnership of the Great Commission Global Ministries (GCGM) and SIM USA born out of a burden to see African Americans understand and respond to God’s call into cross-cultural missions. They say that people make all the difference[…]

What’s in your FAQ

Not all FAQs are created equal. While there is nothing like a personal invitation, a well written FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page) can be a key factor in someone deciding to join a short-term mission trip. However, it is important to keep in mind several things when you are putting one together for your next trip.[…]