The Power of a Checklist

My mother was infamous for making lists. We had pads of paper everywhere with all kinds of lists on them. It got comical, but she was very organized and knew how to take a complex project and break it down into bite sized tasks to get things done.

Mission Trips are a lot like that. Take a list of detailed tasks and multiply this by the number of people on a team and you get a complex task just begging for a good checklist on a pad of paper.  The problem with that is only one person can see the list at a time.

What if…..there was a way of creating an online task list that allowed you to make as many customized tasks as you like, make them visible to everyone on your team, keep track of who has done what, and update it from your mobile device?

The TaskTrackr feature in MissionMakr is a great way to organize and communicate all of the essential tasks that you and your team need to prepare for your trip.  Here are a few additional tips to help you get the check list power out of TaskTrackr.

  1. Set up your tasks early. This will help you start thinking through your process and allow your Trip Members to better understand what is needed from them and when.  You can even include due dates.
  2. Add a description. This could include a location for your next team meeting.
  3. Review your progress.  Remind your Trip Members that they can see all of the tasks assigned to them in their MY ACCOUNT settings by clicking on the TaskTrackr.
  4. View by Task or Person.  You can easily review a task by who has completed it or by the person to see which tasks they have completed.
  5. Recruit an assistant. Ask one of your Trip Members to be an Assistant Trip Leader and assign them the task of keeping the TaskTrackr up to date.