What Others Are Saying

What Trip Followers are saying when they use MissionMakr!

“It’s exciting to see what you each are learning & experiencing.” – Hannah

“Thank you all for the daily sharing of this blog and allowing those who love you all to be along for the ride.” – Mom and Dad

“i love all the pics and hearing what God is teaching through this time! takes me back : ) miss y’all dearly and praying for a safe and powerfully moving time. The joy is in the journey!” – Mary

“Words can’t express our thanks for taking time to write each night of your experiences. We know your minds are full and to take the time to write with such detail at the end of each exhausting day … thank you. Anxious to hear stories in person!” – Charlie

“I close my eyes after reading the blog updates to try and imagine the scenery and sites being described. We are inspired every day to hear how our children are walking the ground once walked by our Lord and Savior. We are truly living the experience through our kids and enjoying it too! March on…we love you” – Margaret

“Loving the updates. So glad you all are having such a great experience. My Love and prayers go out to you all. I pray my Ian is having the time of his life.” – Ian’s grandmother

“Thank you for sharing, I feel like I’ve experienced it right along with you!” – Mary

“Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts through these posts.  I can tell it has been a moving experience for the entire team to be able to touch, feel, and see what most of us have only read about in the Bible. Cherish your time there and your talks with the LORD.” – DAD

“These posts are so wonderful. It has blessed our hearts so much. How awesome to feel, see and hear God in these moments that you all are having.” – Marian

“This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all!” – Tim

“We read your letters with anticipation each day and love learning about the things you are experiencing.” – Mom and Dad

TIP:  Make sure you add the Comment widget next to your Field News Updates in the GO phase so that family and friends can share their thoughts and hearts with you as well.

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