Team Talk

Everybody knows the importance of good communication, healthy personal relationships and respect for one another when it comes to excelling in team sports.  Knowing your teammates well is a key component of being able to trust them and work efficiently together as a team. The same is true on a short-term mission team.  That’s why[…]

New Financial Tools

We all know that tracking finances for a short-term mission trip can become a challenge, especially as a team grows in size. The MissionMakr team continues to expand its helpful tools to communicate the right information to the right people through every phase of your short-term trip. We’ve just added several new tools and views[…]

One Place

Organize, Equip, Communicate and Administrate all of your Short-term Mission Trips from One Integrated Place Next week (September 21-26) we will be in Orlando, FL at the 2015 Missio Nexus Conference.  This is a large gathering of mission leaders, churches and organizations.  We gather together to sharpen one another and to grow in our understanding of what God[…]

What’s in your FAQ

Not all FAQs are created equal. While there is nothing like a personal invitation, a well written FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page) can be a key factor in someone deciding to join a short-term mission trip. However, it is important to keep in mind several things when you are putting one together for your next trip.[…]


BEING THANKFUL Thanksgiving represents a lot of things these days, but I hope that you have not lost your sense of just plain being thankful.  When you stop and think about it, and we all should, there are SO many things to be thankful for.  There are daily things to be thankful for like; the[…]

Get it all done online!

One of the biggest administrative tasks for a short-term trip is managing the information for your trip members.   Applications, passports, medical releases, emergency contact information, team covenants….. multiply that by 5, 10, 25 and it can get overwhelming really fast.  Where do you keep it so that the people who need it can securely[…]

What a Nightmare!

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Churches and missions organizations raise thousands of dollars annually to send participants on short-term ministry trips.  Every trip leader and participant aspires to see his or her trip have a significant and lasting impact whether they are serving in a VBS, medical clinic, building homes, or helping to plant a church. Organizing[…]