July 20, 2017

Cost Effective

Less Administration – Promoting, organizing, managing, training your team and communicating with everyone involved in a short-term mission trip is a lot of work that used to take a tremendous amount of time and energy. Because MissionMakr allows you to centralize your information, automate much of your communication, and provide training resources available to your team without making copies, you will save administrative time and money.  That means answering fewer phone calls, creating less paperwork and no copies because all of your information is securely available online 24/7.

No Monthly Fees – Not everything is about keeping your costs at a minimum, but it is important that we are good stewards of the resources that we oversee.  MissionMakr does not charge a monthly fee, there are no set up costs (even though we will help you get fully set up), Trip Leaders go for free and you only pay for the Trip Members that go on your trip.  Most organizations will build this into the overall trip costs so that it is not a drain on the organization.

Great Service – Although you can’t put a price on this, we at MissionMakr are committed to serving you with excellence.  We have extensive feedback and support material available online, however more importantly, we are available to help you in any way possible and to answer your questions in a quick and personal manner.

Our mission is to make you successful in yours!