July 19, 2017


Use any of our 22 drag & drop widgets made especially to communicate short-term missions and our custom CSS to design each page with your organization’s look and feel. ¬†We’ll even help you get your first trip set up just the way you like it!



Add text, images, links and more with our Rich Text Editor. Copy and paste from your favorite word processing application.

Icon_48x48 Image

Insert a logo or an image (.JPG, .GIF and .PNG).

Icon_48x48Sign Up

Upload your trip application in PDF and allow people to sign up, download your application and become a Pending Trip Member.

Icon_48x48 Forms

Embed forms created specifically for your trip (Trip Applications, Passport, information, Emergency contact and medical information…).


Allows travelers and trip leaders to get a quote and purchase travel medical insurance directly through GoMissionTrip.com. Remove the headache of insuring you and your team before you leave the country.

Icon_48x48Field News

Stay connected to Trip Followers from the field. Post text and images from your browser or Smart Phone. Automatically notifies MisisonSupportrs of new content. Data rates apply for Smart Phone users.

Icon_48x48 Photo Gallery

Create albums and add photos and captions (.JPG and .GIF).

Icon_48x48 Video

Insert a video from websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler.

Icon_48x48 Who’s Going?

View the profile of all the Trip Members and Mission Team going on the trip.


Upload and share documents (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .XLS, .XLSX, .PPT, .PPTX)

Icon_48x48Follow the Trip

Allows people to sign up as a Pending Trip Follower for the GO phase where they can receive updates from the field once the trip departs.

Icon_48x48 Day Tracker

Allows Trip Followers to see a brief summary of what you will be doing each day of your trip.


Allows Trip Members to invite Trip Followers to follow the trip. If a Trip Follower accepts the invitation, he/she is immediately approved to follow the trip and receives a password to access GO! once the trip departs.


Countdown fundraisers, training and other special events. Requires Flash Player to view.

Icon_48x48 Devotion

Prepare Trip Members for the field with devotions you provide. Post immediately or schedule for posting later. Trip Members and Mission Team receive email/SMS notification with each post.

Icon_48x48 Verse of the Day

Displays a new verse related to missions every day.


Learn common phrases in the native tongue of the mission field you’ll visit. Don’t see the language you need? Let us know, and we’ll get it added.

Icon_48x48Get More Info

Allows people to request and/or get more information.


Allows people to add threaded comments to topics and questions you post..


Allows users to donate to your trip in Launch, GO! and Tell using Paypal or credit card.

Icon_48x48 Contact Us

Allows people to connect with you via a contact form.