July 20, 2017

Easy to Use

Responsive Design – Each of the MissionMakr phases utilizes responsive design so that no matter what size your screen is (large room presentations or on your mobile device) MissionMakr will format the content seamlessly to fit.  Responsive design allows you to easily access, see and read your content no mater the size.

Right Place and Time – MissionMakr directs users to the right place at the right times.  By assigning different roles to people, every time a person logs in to MissionMakr they are automatically sent to the appropriate place.  For example, a Team Member logs in before the trip departs and is sent to the GearUp phase where they have access to all of the training material.  After the trip, that same user would be sent to the Tell phase to see photos from the trip and next steps they can take to stay engaged.

Clone Your Trips – It is easy to quickly reproduce trips with the click of your mouse using MissionMakr’s cloning tool.  All you need to do is create a new trip based upon a previous one and then go in and update any pertinent information.  This makes setting up future trips a snap.

Save Old Trips – MissionMakr allow you to store your old trips.  Just take them offline and save all of your information in one place for future reference.