Lesson #3 – Listen

TopTen Cross Cultural Lessons Worth Applying

Lesson #3 – Listen, Learn and Listen.

Comedian Brian Regan has a great sketch describing the “Me Monster.” You know, the Me Monster is the person inside each of us that has to be one step ahead of everyone else, share the most outrageous story and always get the last word in. Yes, I am guilty of this…. why else would I be writing a blog?

The Me Monster is annoying at a social event, but it is toxic on a mission trip. One of the destructive ways I have seen the Me Monster reveal itself is when we too quickly share our opinions. American’s have a great capacity to solve problems and often our first reaction is to jump in and freely offer how WE think something should be done, changed or improved.

Proverbs 29:20 warns us about hasty words. We would all do better if we worked harder at listening. Good listeners reflect a humility that helps them see the beauty of God in others and allows them to learn from all circumstances.

So lesson #3 is Listen, Learn and Listen. Instead of being quick to solve everyone else’s problems on your short trip, a much better approach is to go as a listener in a learning posture. Learn to ask a thoughtful question. Asking why and how questions, will allow you to participate  in the process without jumping to premature solutions.

Being a good listener will enrich your experience, communicate a welcomed humility to others and do far more to build and strengthen relationships than being the Me Monster answer man. The more you quiet your own heart, the more you can focus on God and others. (Phil. 2:2-3)