October 17, 2016


MissionMakr allows you to create an account and setup your trips completely FREE.  No cost and no obligation.  We will even work with you to custom design your site and layout the four phases of MissionMakr (Launch, GearUP, GO! and Tell) for your first trip.

Then, when Trip Members start signing up, it will cost you one (1) Credit for each Trip Member you approve to go on your trip. One (1) Credit costs between $16 and $20 based upon the number of Credits you purchase. The more you purchase, the less the cost per person. Credits can be purchased in any quantity in advance or as you approve Trip Members and CREDITS NEVER EXPIRE.  We accept all major credit cards.

As a bonus, Administrators and Trip Leaders are not charged a credit for their use of MissionMakr. So, here is an example of a typical 12 member trip:

$200 = 10 Trip Members @ $20/person
$0       = 2 Trip Leaders @ $0/person
$200 = Total cost for the 12 member team

(Note: Most organizations will just include the cost of the MissionMakr credit in the overall cost/person for the trip, like you would for airline, visa and other administrative fees)

60-second sign up! Three easy steps and you’ll be building your first short-term trip!