October 27, 2016

Standards of Excellence

MissionMakr is proud to be a resource provider with the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission because we share the same values and a desire to help churches and organizations engage in short-term missions with excellence.  If you are serious about maximizing the impact of your short-term trip mission experience for the Kingdom of God, then learning about and implementing the Seven Standards of Excellence is a must for you and your organization.  We believe that MissionMakr is a great tool to help you enhance your effectiveness in each of these Seven Standards.  You can learn more about using MissionMakr to maximize your short-term trips below or by visiting the soe.org website.

Here are some ways you can use the four phases of MissionMakr (Launch, GearUp, Go and Tell) to Maximize Impact for Short-Term Teams and integrate the 7 Standards of Excellence for Short-Term Teams across the MissionMakr platform.

7 Standards of Excellence for Short-Term Teams:

1.  God-Centeredness An excellent short-term mission seeks first God’s glory and his kingdom, and is expressed through our:

  • Have a clear statement of purpose for STM and how it fits into God’s plan to disciple the nations and display this in the Launch Phase.
  • Use the Devotional Widget to send preplanned devotionals out automatically to your team and use the Comments Widget to encourage interaction.

2.  Empowering Partnerships  An excellent short-term mission establishes healthy, interdependent, on-going relationships between sending and receiving partners, and is expressed by:

  • Creating a Partner Page (in all four phases) that explains and promotes your partners.
  • Involve your Partner’s participation by making theme a Trip Leader. This allows them to get to know Team before they arrive on the field.
  • Create connecting points for the Trip Followers through email, photos, videos and the blog to remain connected.
  • Use the Tell Phase to suggest some practical next steps for Senders, Goers and Receivers to stay connected and engaged.

3.  Mutual Design An excellent short-term mission collaboratively plans each specific outreach for the benefit of all participants, and is expressed by:

  • By adding a Partner as a Trip Member, you foster mutual design of the trip goals, schedule, training material and outcomes as you include them in Trip planning.
  • Use a Comment Widget to encourage interaction between the Trip Members and Host Receivers.

4.  Comprehensive Administration An excellent short-term mission exhibits integrity through reliable set-up and thorough administration for all participants, and is expressed by:

  • Create online applications, emergency contact and passport information forms, and debrief surveys.
  • Integrate trip insurance and flight information into the GearUp Phase.
  • Use the TaskTrakr to keep track of unlimited assignments and deadlines.  Keep Administrators and Trip Members informed together in one place.
  • Use the Donation Widgets, API and Fund raising tools to keep track of donations and supporter information.  Provide individual funding pages.
  • Use of the Rights management features allow you to involve high capacity volunteers with appropriate access and oversight.
  • Utilize the automated communication services to send out update emails and communicate with members vis text or email.

5.  Qualified Leadership  An excellent short-term mission screens, trains, and develops capable leadership for all participants, and is expressed by:

  • Create tools, reports and information that is just accessible to leaders.
  • Train and equip leaders to customize their own trip information and training within a supervised environment.

6.  Appropriate Training An excellent short-term mission prepares and equips all participants for the mutually designed outreach, and is expressed by:

  • Use the GeraUp phase to create a training platform for team building; team meetings, reading material, videos, assignments.
  • MissionMakr provides a comprehensive training platform for multiple teams allowing for cultural and team purpose customization.
  • MissionMakr gives you a single source training location and common material.
  • Promote team connections and networking using comments, personal pages and email.

7.  Thorough Follow Through  An excellent short-term mission assures evaluation, debriefing and appropriate follow-through for all participants, and is expressed by:

  • Use the Tell Phase to encourage follow through for goers and senders using reports, next steps, ongoing partnerships, updates, etc…
  • Use an online survey to continue post-field debriefing.