July 20, 2017


User Protection – Keeping information secure is absolutely essential in today’s world.  This is true for your organization, trip members and the trips themselves. Wether you are traveling to restricted access countries or taking a youth group to camp it is important that you take appropriate measures for securing the information entrusted to you.

Encryption – Security is built into MissionMakr at every level.  It begins by hosting your information on an SSL encrypted website protected by industry standard 128 bit encryption on all of your pages.

Private Views – MissionMakr also allows you to determine the privacy settings for the Go and Tell phases of your trip.  By default, these are set to private allowing only approved Trip Members and Followers access to these pages.  This keeps your information safe from web search engines and other uninvited guests.

Rights Managed – Finally, MissionMakr uses 5 tiers of rights management to give you the power to assign administration and use rights to different people according to their role in your organization.