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MissionMakr gives you the comprehensive tools you need to serve and engage everyone involved in your short-term trips (supporters, teammates, leaders and partners) through each phase of your trip (before, during and after) with greater efficiency, ease and excellence.  Tell the story of what God is doing in and through your trips as you make a difference in the world!

Get the word out about your short-term trips, sign up to receive updates, provide online applications and a way to give.

Fund Raise

Easily invite others to participate with their prayers and donations. Then keep track of it all in one place.


Prepare your team and have all of your training materials and need-to-know information always accessible to them.


Keep everyone on the same page and communicate with everybody involved on your trip, before, during and afterwards.


What makes MissionMakr unique?

MissionMakr was designed by short-term mission experts for only one purpose - to encourage excellence in short-term mission trips for churches, organizations and their partners.  MissionMakr is a scalable, online, all-in-one system that maximizes the impact of each phase of your mission trips.  Use our specially designed templates to organize, equip, administrate and communicate everything from fund raising to communicating with your supporters, all in one place.  Its responsive design makes it easy to use on any platform, desktop or mobile devices.

Easy to Use

A responsive design and intuitive interface gets all of the right information to the right people at the right times.

Cost effective

MissionMakr has no monthly fees and saves you time and money allowing you to spend more time focussed on ministry.


Technology that keeps your information and communications secure even in high risk areas is built into every feature.


Specially designed widgets made for trips make adding custom content intuitive, scalable and simple to do.

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